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Joy Womack: The White Swan 

Joy Womack: The White Swan is officially selected to the main documentary competition of Sochi International Film Festival (Sochi, Russia)

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Joy Womack: The White Swan film review

Canberra dance audiences may well remember Joy Womack, who performed briefly in Canberra in 2018 for Bravissimo Productions. That one-off program featured dancers from across the globe—Womack was one of them.

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Presenting "Joy Womack: The White Swan"

Picture this. You are an American teen, utterly enthralled by ballet, Russian ballet in particular. You’re an aspiring ballerina and you’re really, really, really good. The Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, having seen you dance, invites you to study with them. And not just the program for foreigners; this is the prestigious mainstream training for the best of the best aspiring young Russian ballet dancers. You are fifteen and your family lives in Texas. They have no intention of moving from Texas, much less moving to Russia.


Joy Womack: The White Swan

Joy Womack: The White Swan documents the three-year journey of Joy Annabelle Womack as she pursues her dream of dancing the lead in Swan Lake at the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia

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Catching Up With Joy Womack on Two Upcoming Films Based on Her Life

Many ballet films canonize the careers of dancers long retired from the stage. But that's not the case for Joy Womack, who at just 26 has not one, but two films in the works based on her life. 

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Joy Womack: The White Swan

This documentary chronicles an American ballet dancer’s efforts to become a star in Russia.

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Joy Womack: The White Swan 

Joy Womack: The White Swan Premiered in US at Sonoma International Film Festival

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Joy Womack: The White Swan documentary film review

Joy Womack always dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Aged 15, she left her home in the US to join the Moscow State Academy of Choreography – more commonly known as the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. In their documentary Joy Womack: The White Swan,Dina Burlis and Sergey Gavrilov follow Joy inher quest to make a name for herself in Russia and, eventually, appear in the iconic lead role of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

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Cannes Marché:
Ode to Joy

“Her determination, her charisma, she is very, very ambitious,” Russian filmmaker Dina Burlis ticks off the qualities that attracted her to the American ballet dancer Joy Womack, the subject of Joy Womack: The White Swan, a new feature documentary premiering in the Cannes Marché and sold by London-based REASON8 Films.

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DOC NYC has announced the lineup of work-in-progress documentaries to participate in its Only In New York program. Breaking Boundaries project is among this amazing lineup.

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Пять новых фильмов, которые нельзя пропустить в ближайший месяц

В прокате с 13 ноября.

Драма об успехе, поражении и вере в себя снятая совместно британскими: российскими и американскими кинематографистами. 

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Joy Womack: The White Swan film review

This documentary is definitely about Joy Womack, and her experiences, her personal struggles and her perceptions of ballet. I think you need to make that VERY clear before you go and let all of your students watch this documentary.

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Joy Womack: The White Swan

An interesting glimpse into the life of a person trying to achieve the impossible. Joy Womack: The White Swan pulls you in with a fascinating and determined subject. Filled with the complexities of what it takes to make it as a ballerina in the Bolshoi and in as a ballerina in general, we are given a fascinating documentary at a less seen life.

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Joy Womack: The White Swan

Aged just 15, Joy Womack was invited to train at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow. She would become the third American to graduate from there and dance with the company after Anastasia Stevens (graduated 1960) and Michael Shannon (graduated 1989). This new documentary by Dina Burlis and Sergey Gavrilov, Joy Womack: The White Swan, tells of her time in Russia

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Reason8 sells ‘Joy Womack: The White Swan’ to US (exclusive)

Film Movement has acquired North American rights to ballerina documentary Joy Womack: The White Swan from UK sales agent Reason8.

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IF/Then Shorts American West 2020

Breaking Boundaries is among six project selected to If/Then Shorts pitch competition. The program developed by Tribeca Film Institute.